Adult Outpatient Assessment (AOA)

The Adult Outpatient Assessment (AOA) is an evidence based test that is designed for adult (male or female) outpatient screening or assessment.

The AOA consists of 153 true-false and multiple choice questions and takes on average 25 to 30 minutes to complete. Psychiatrists, psychologists, private practitioners, counselors and mental health professionals use the AOA to screen at intake.

The AOA contains eight (8) scales (measures or domains):

  1. Truthfulness Scale
  2. Self-Esteem Scale
  3. Alcohol Scale
  4. Drug Scale
  5. DSM-IV Substance Abuse Scale
  6. DSM-IV Substance Dependency Scale
  7. Violence Scale
  8. Stress Management Scale

The Adult Outpatient Assessment (AOA) is available online at It can be administered on the computer screen (monitor) or in paper-pencil test booklet format. Regardless of how it is given, all AOA tests are computer scored over the internet. Test booklets can be downloaded and photocopied. Paper-pencil test booklets can be used in group testing, which can save staff time. is the AOA online or internet testing site. AOA tests are available 24/7. AOA is evidence based and has demonstrated reliability, validity and accuracy. AOA is HIPAA compliant.